Francisco Goya, 1746-1828 was a Spanish romantic painter, considered to be "the Father of Modern Art, with full name of  Francisco José de Goya, All life with changing style, from the early Baroque style to the late works with the style which similar to expressionism. Although he never established his own martial art, but had a significant impact on a transitional of realistic, Romanticism and Impressionism.
Francisco Goya was born in northeastern Spain, from a poor persants family, no formal education. His talent on painting was discovered by a priest when he is 14 whom encouraged his father sent him to study painting, this apprenticeship last for 4 years. Little by little goya built his reputation in the artist circle, because of "Christ Crucified ", Goya was hired as a member of the San Fernando Royal fineart Academy, later became the vice president in 1785.  In 1789, Goya was appointed as Royal portraitor by the king. His works during this period could obviously see the style of Diego Velazquez. his most controvercial painting " The nude Maja" was also painted then. Due to public against, he painted another clothes maja and refused to modify the original painting. In 1980s the painting of "nude maja" was printed on stamps and become popular among collectors.
Goya Resigned from the Academy of Fine Arts in 1792 due to deafness, began creating Etching with color, the genre painting irony of church and state, the 1803 creation of a the printmaking group of paintings "Rhapsody", with a variety of bizarre characters represent irony. 1799 Francisco Goya was appointed as chief royal painter, In 1800 the King Carlos IV have his portrait the royal family which later been made fun of for "A lottery winning grocer and his family. In 1824, he resigned from the court painter duties, his wife has died, alone lived in Bordeaux, France. Painting until the last days of life. he died in Bordeaux while buriedand buried in the Madrid St. Anthony's Church in Florida (Real Ermita de San Antonio de la Florida), for which with frescoes was created by him.
"He is an all ideals and techniques to break the traditional painters of the eighteenth century, and the creators of the new tradition. Francisco Goya custom oil paintings reproduction available

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